Semi VB Decompiler
For Visual Basic 4(32bit)/5/6 (Native / P-Code)

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Semi VB Decompiler Features:

Comparison Table:

  Semi VB Decompiler VBRezq VBReformer
Recovers Project File Yes Yes Yes
Recovers Forms Yes Yes Yes
VB6 Support Yes Yes Yes
VB5 Support Yes Yes Yes
VB4(32bit) Support Yes Yes No
Ocx/DLL Support (5/6) Yes Yes Yes
Identifies Procedures and events (5/6) Yes Yes Yes
Recovers P-Code  procedures and events (5/6) Yes No No
Recovers full Api calls (5/6) Yes Yes* Yes*
Recovers Native Code No No Not Really**
Shows internal VB Structures Yes No No
Allows you to edit forms/controls and save it to the exe. Yes No Yes
Shows msvbvm60.dll and msvbvm50.dll  imports and other Portable executable information Yes No Yes
VB Obfuscator Yes No No
VB 1/2/3 Binary Form To Text Converter Yes No No
Price: $30 $150 49 Euros
*Does not recover parameters of api calls. Semi VB Decompiler will show the parameters of api's that are in its database.
**Recovers just some basic vb api's nothing very useful.

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